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The first time I opened up about my mental health, I did it in a blog post that went as follows.

“Hi. I’m Jenn Renoe and I suffer from bi-polar disorder.

It’s amazing how such a small phrase can frighten us so much. As I sit here and write these words it’s as if an elephant is sitting on my chest. Since I was officially diagnosed in 2008, I’ve carried around a fear of my secret reaching the ears of others. How would it affect my present? How would it affect my future? How would it affect those around me? Even as I continue to open myself up before you, I cannot know the answers. I do have hopes for what they may be.”

As a writer, I’ve always been more comfortable behind a keyboard, putting my thoughts to page for others to read. It lets me be more thoughtful in what I say. Otherwise, my thoughts often become unfiltered, and as someone that struggles to balance himself, that can be dangerously raw to hear. Maybe, though, that rawness is what we all need to hear.

That’s why this podcast came into existence. If it can touch one person, and allow them to know that they aren’t alone in the battles they wage daily within themselves–if it can teach one person that people who suffer from issues related to their mental health aren’t weak or crazy–then this whole project will have been worth the effort.

Follow along as we work to #EndTheStigma related to mental illness and redefine life with the same. Only together can we we truly drive change. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Are you suffering from depression and/or experiencing thoughts of hopelessness or suicide? We aren’t professionals. We’re just people sharing our own experiences, but everyone manages themselves differently. Don’t be afraid to seek out help even if you don’t think you need it. There are a tremendous number of resources available online just like this to find the help you need. Remember, asking for help isn’t a sign that you’re too weak to handle this on your own, but the first step toward finding a renewed sense of one’s self.


Jenn Renoe

Podcaster / Author / Wannabe Superhero

Acute Rapid Cycling Bi-Polar Disorder has me trapped on a roller coaster I’ll forever ride, but I no longer let it define me. I define myself with my words, both written and spoken. I’m just a geek trying to change the world and lose herself in other’s stories along the way.

Nicole Vacherot


Rachel is a grad student on her path toward helping to provide therapy to others. Her own mental health story has led her down this path with the hope to leave behind a legacy of helping others rather than herself.

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