Author: Jenn Renoe

It’s hard to believe, but we’re now almost a month into the second season of the Our Fractured Minds podcast. Since I started the show last year I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it takes to start a podcast and the details that most people may overlook when putting together a show. After receiving several requests for information, I’ve decided to put my thoughts and experiences on paper for everyone looking for information on how to get started. I’m no expert, and my show is quite amateur, but if you’re like me and looking to get off the ground with no experience and no team backing you then this should help you get your bearings.

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This past week I was lucky enough to present on stage to 150 people at the world’s premier destination for my career, content marketing, at Content Marketing World. As many of you already know from the podcast, I struggle dramatically with my mental health, (if you’re unaware you can learn more here or listen to my own experiences here) which often makes it difficult to to maintain a stable and confident emotional state. Continue reading

Rapid Cycling and the Impact of Friendship

When you suffer from bi-polar disorder, the only thing constant in life is its inconsistency. Today was the kind of day that likes to remind me how the next down is never far away. I’m not sure what triggered it, to be honest, but I think it all started when I tried to watch the first episode of the Netflix series “13 Reasons.” Continue reading

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