Season 1,

Episode 11: Demystifying Psychology

July 03, 2017

Raffael “Dr. B.” Boccamazzo

Raffael “Dr. B” Boccamazzo is a doctor of clinical psychology and the clinical director of, an organization that, like this podcast, seeks to inform our community about mental health issues, provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Dr. B also runs a private psychotherapy and psychological assessment practice in the Seattle area and works with several local groups as a social skills coach, often for older teens and young adults with high functioning autism spectrum diagnoses. In his spare time, he cooks, acts, and plays oodles of different tabletop and video games as you may imagine from someone who works for an organization that claims its name from the original Legend of Zelda game. Without a doubt, it is dangerous out there. Luckily, we don’t have to go alone.

I sit down with Raffael to talk about the stigma that not only surrounds suffering from an illness, but the stigma that surrounds visiting a doctor. We touch on the difficulties of sometimes getting in to see someone, the speed dating game of finding the right doctor for you, offering help to those in need, and a lot of nerd related things like Redshirts, D20s, and comic cons.




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