Season 1,

Episode 10: (Dungeon) Mastering the Mind

June 26, 2017

Hawke Robinson

Note: A few important items were left out of this week’s episode that Hawke wanted to make sure were included. First, every person’s experience is different just as we are all different. A person’s biological and medicinal history has an impact on treatment and should be considered in the grand scale of therapy. Second, there are a variety of resources all over the country that are using RPG type games in recreational therapy. A few that were shared with me include the Wheelhouse Workshop and Bodhana Group, but if you are interested in pursuing such therapy run a Google search to see what you may be able to find near you.

Hawke is the founder and president of RPG Therapeutics LLC, and is registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Recreational Therapist. He’s currently working toward being a nationally certified therapeutic recreation specialist.

RPG Therapeutics LLC provides research, education, and therapeutic services, utilizing music and role-playing games in all formats including tabletop, live-action, solo, and computer-based. Involved with RPGs since 1979, the founder of RPG Therapeutics LLC first began developing and using role-playing games (RPGs) in educational settings in 1985, and has been developing programs using RPGs to achieve therapeutic goals for clients since 2004.

During our conversation, Hawke and I spoke about how RPGs can be used for therapy, and who, based on his research, is most likely to find growth through gaming. We also spoke about suicide, depression, bi-polar disorder, and how stigma isn’t just exclusive to mental illness. Instead, stigma exists around anything that people don’t understand or are afraid of… like Dungeons and Dragons.

If you’d like to learn more about Hawke and his research you can find him at his company’s website as well as any of the below links.

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