Season 1,

Episode 2: I am a Human Being

April 25, 2017

Noah Glick

     I was lucky enough to know Noah during our time together at Ball State University when we were both in college. Today he serves as a radio reporter in Reno, Nevada, and is the mind behind the “Looking in Lifecast” podcast. launching later this year. He moved to Reno from the Bay Area two years ago so he could be close to family and “get his head on straight,” which involves tackling his depression and alcoholism head-on, both of which are topics we discussed in this weeks episode. You can find more about Noah at @imnoahglick on Twitter and examples of his radio reporting work at
     During our conversation Noah touched on his therapeutic approach to reminding himself of his accomplishments through the use of lists. Below is an example of his template, and you can learn more about how he uses it to help himself manage his depression in this week’s episode: I am a Human Being.

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