Season 1,

Episode 20: Emp(a)t(h)y, not Sympathy

September 05, 2017

Phoenix Underwood

Phoenix Underwood is the brains behind emp(a)t(h)y, a type of social network that believes that, sometimes, the best way to get through something is knowing you’re not alone. It’s meant to provide peer support for users who match with others based on shared feelings and experiences.

As he and I discuss on our season finale episode, while sympathy is appreciated, it often doesn’t end our loneliness and our isolation. What he is proposing isn’t all that different from the point of our podcast. If we can stand up and start talking about our experiences so that we can empathize with one another, we can all know that we aren’t alone in our suffering and begin to truly heal.

This episode marks the finale of our first season of the show. Due to other commitments, obligations, and the upcoming holiday seasons, OFM will not be released on a regular basis in the immediate future. We may, however, release special episodes between now and the start of season two come 2018.

For that reason, if you enjoyed this, our twentieth iteration of the podcast, I’d love it if you’d subscribe and review the show. You can find us on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Both can help the show pick up and continue to carry forward while the show is off the air. Also, if you miss me, you can find me on Twitter @Renoe or email me at the contact us page of the website. You can also find the rest of season one on our episodes page.

I want to thank you all for being such loyal listeners of the show. When I first started it, I never imagined it lasting for a month, let alone 20 consecutive weeks. You’ve truly humbled me throughout the process. It’s why, even though I’m taking a break, you can count on me, and the show returning soon. Until then, I hope you’ll all remember that only you get to define what it’s like to be you.


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