Season 2,

Episode 22: Suicide Ideation

May 07, 2018


JMatt–the weekend radio DJ for 103.7 Kiss FM in Milwaukee–is a mental health advocate that promotes suicide awareness and prevention through his daily Instagram videos for the #22PushupChallenge (he’s up to 475 days in a row and counting). With his career in digital media strategy, he knows the power that social media can have around creating a community around a cause – his goal in creating social content is to get resources out to those that are in pain and struggling! JMatt is making an effort to be open about his own experiences with mental health disorders, including depression and suicidal ideation.

During the episode we also touch on suicide, as well as JMatt’s experiences with Trichotillomania and ADD, as well as the tragic reality of the US Veteran suicide rate.

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I hope you all enjoy this episode of OFM, and that you’ll all remember that only you get to define what it’s like to be you.


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