Season 2,

Episode 25: Mental Health and Social Media

May 28, 2018

Tony Astacio

Five weeks into season two, I sit down with Tony Astacio, a born and bred New Yorker who likes to travel to new baseball stadiums. Professionally he’s a Social Media Coordinator and besides baseball he likes to swim, watch movies and send gifs whenever possible. He recently started a dating and relationship podcast and whenever possible writes about mental health and how he deals with it.

We spoke in our short time together about the cost of seeking help, the difficulty of opening up, and how his experiences have impacted his ability to create content via social media, podcasting, or his long form creative writing, and how each can, in turn, impact his mental health. We also talked about the nuances of human behavior, relationships, and how, sometimes, the things we do that hurt our loved ones isn’t always done to harm.

You can find Tony’s work all over the web. Click below for links:

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