Season 2,

Episode 28: Acquired Trauma

June 18, 2018

Dr. Dan Cohen and Emily Belfeld, LICSW

Dan and Emily are two of the United States’ most skilled innovators in merging advanced consciousness and spiritual principles into therapeutic practice. Scientists by background and Mystics by practice, Dan and Emily approach constellating and consciousness from both experiential and evidentiary standpoints. Their unique therapeutic approach has revolutionized both their practices and created scores of extraordinary success stories.

Together Dan and Emily access the ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness tocreate healing processes that are illuminating and life-transforming. In the field of their Constellations, ancestral presences often become tangibly real. Behind the pain of personal and transgenerational trauma, people can feel love and receive healing from the consciousness that envelops us.

In this fascinating episode, we discussed the 7 – 14 year of trauma acquired by humans at birth, and how it impacts a person’s mental health throughout their life. By addressing traumatic issues from a person’s historic past, Dan and Emily have seen phenomenal results in their patients and have made them a believer in this treatment that many would consider alternative. We also discussed how this acquired trauma shows any kind of direction with regards to the nature versus nurture philosophy of humanity. Click the below links to learn more about Dan and Emily’s work:


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