Season 2,

Episode 29: Gender Dysphoria Part 2

July 09, 2018

Denise Bowker

In this week’s episode of Our Fractured Minds, I speak with Denise Bowker about her experiences with gender dysphoria. We discuss the way it makes us feel, how we can get over it, and the anxiety and depression such an issue can cause.

Denise, herself, was born in New Jersey, and grew up in a small bedroom town halfway between New York City and Philadelphia. After graduating from a small private liberal arts school in Connecticut, she married her college sweetheart and quickly moved to the Chicago area. She now has two grown children and is currently living in Chicago. During the day Denise is a Vice President in the technology department of a large bank in Chicago. Outside of work Her wide array of interests most notably includes supporting runaway kids by participating in an annual 500 mile bike ride through the Appalachian mountains of the Northeast to raise money and awareness for the cause.

To date, Denise has spoken at a number of functions with regards to her own experiences managing mental health. To say she’s been a mentor to me during the process of coming out would be doing her a disservice as her advice and support has made her a dear friend. Hopefully, you’ll all learn as much from Denise as I have.



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