Season 2,

Episode 30: LGBT Knowledgeable Therapy

July 09, 2018

Edie Hitchcock

In our return from the holiday, I spoke with Edie, a psychotherapist who works with the LGBT community to help manage the anxiety and depression that comes with managing the stigma it often faces. We discuss treatment options, anxiety, who you should see, how difficult it can be to see someone, and the difference between being LGBT Friendly and LGBT Knowledgable.

Edie specializes in what we might term “identity conflict” and works with individuals toward a deeper sense of integration within a world that seems to demand labels for every experience under the sun but doesn’t necessarily encourage understanding the experiences themselves. Her practice is queer as well as poly and kink friendly. She is dedicated to improving a sense of creativity, grace, thoughtfulness, and courage in the lives of individuals.

Edie has been in the field for several years, having worked in community mental health with low-income adults who suffer from chronic and severe mental health disorders and is a fellow at the well-regarded Chicago Center for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Currently, she’s a doctoral student at the European Graduate School in Philosophy and Critical Thought, where she is focusing primarily on the politics, ethics, and physio-philosophical aspects of listening and subjectivity.

Prior to her work as a psychotherapist and social worker, Edie worked in pastry, taught yoga, and completed her first Master’s in Film and Digital Media. She also owns a BA in English and Women’s Studies at the University of Chatham in Pittsburgh, PA.


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