Season 3,

Episode 33: Anxiety, Depression, and Queerness

April 29, 2019

Rachel Dick, OFM Co-Host

Rachel Dick is a queer identifying grad student at Fordham University with a passion for hanging from aerial apparatuses, and the new co-host of the OFM Podcast. This is her story.

She grew up in Memphis but never went to Graceland, and has spent the last 7 years in Chicago without ever once seeing a Cubs game. She’d love to eventually obtain a Ph.D in Human Sexuality with an emphasis on sexuality in spiritual traditions so she can spend her life writing niche pieces about people’s sex lives that no one will probably ever read. When she’s not wasting time on social media, she’s reading fantasy novels and looking for cute dogs to pet.

We chat about anxiety, depression, misdiagnosis, the diagnosis journey, the shocking impact being queer can have on your psyche in today’s society, and more. As she says at the end of the episode “10/10 would record again.”

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