Season 3,

EPISODE 35: Mental Illness in a Queer Relationship

May 13, 2019

Let’s be honest. Managing a relationship is hard. Managing Mental Health is hard. Combining the two while being queer? That’s difficult on an entirely different level. Today we look at our experiences to try and understand the best way to cope while maintaining your relationship.

1. Jenn Defines her sexuality
2. Rachel defines her sexuality
3. The dynamics of our relationship
4. Ways that Jenn struggles
5. Ways that Rachel struggles
6. What are some times we’ve struggled together?
7. How have we managed these issues?
8. What do we see in the future?

I just want to remind everyone that we are not in any way experts or doctors. What you’ll hear here are our own personal life experiences that we hope will help end the stigma surrounding mental health. If you ever have thoughts of worthlessness or feel suicidal please seek out professional help. You can find links to options on our About Us.

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