Season 1,

Episode 4: The Happiest Place on Earth

May 15, 2017

Geli Mata

Quirky social media technophile. Pop culture junkie. Aspiring amateur cosmonaut. Global revolutionary. Karaoke enthusiast. That’s just a quick peak into the night life of Geli Mata and probably explains why she can only define herself as, well, herself.  By day she’s a digital marketing specialist, filmmaker, and the TEDxSanAntonio Programming Chair. In her eyes, every story is important, and she has made it her mission to help bring stories to life, while visually captivating audiences, cultivating relationships, & sharing a vision that resonates well into the future.

When first diagnosed, Geli battled personal shame in trying to overcome what it meant to be labeled as “mentally ill.” Did it mean she was crazy? Coming to terms with that was only a portion of her story.

In this episode we discuss the stigma surrounding mental health, why you should always have an upcoming mental health appointment on the calendar–regardless of who you are–and how, when you’re down, even the happiest place on earth can’t always pick you back up.

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