Season 1,

Episode 5: Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

May 22, 2017

Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner is a Brooklyn-based dog owner, food lover and music media entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of The Wild Honey Pie, he has built a distinguished destination for new music with brand properties such as Welcome Campers, Buzzsessions and The Beehive. Eric lives in Greenpoint with his amazing dog Buzz and in his free time loves to host dinner parties, enjoys live music, going to Transmitter Park and making friends with local business owners.

After starting his own company and growing it from a single person start up to a five person business, Eric began to struggle with his mental health. After stepping away for several months, and getting things sorted out once he’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he realized he didn’t only have to battle against a disorder he now faced, but a stigma that was keeping those around him from allowing him to step back in as head of the business he created.

With a lot of work, and the love of his faithful companion Buzz, he found his way back but the road was a long and, often, dark one. He and I speak on the lack of a conversation that exists regarding mental health and business, the impact bipolar disorder can have on the mind, psychotic breaks, paranoia, sleep, and how man’s best friend became an entrepreneur’s best friend.

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