Season 1,

Episode 6: Suffering from Humanity

May 29, 2017

Nicole Vacherot

Nicole is a social media maven, and the new social manager of our podcast where she’ll be developing content on IG. On any given day, Nicole is actively feeding her brain as much knowledge as she can before it’s too late and trying not to be too bummed that she cannot eat it all in one lifetime, all while nurturing an extremely talented, soon to be high-school graduate into early adulthood. She’s spent a lifetime exercising emotion through poetry and is now working on a full-length collection. Nicole believes in creating a lifestyle that is uniquely her own and encouraging other to do the same.

This episode was recorded on the day it was announced that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave had taken his own life. Nicole and I discuss how those who suffer are often the best at hiding their pain, and our own dealings with death as we also touch on feelings of severe depression, anxiety, self-healing, Russian literature, and the impact that one’s own innate curiosity can have on the soul.

Below is a list of Nicole’s five favorite Russian works.

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