Season 1,

Episode 8: PTSD Awareness Month Special

June 12, 2017

Darrell Pruden

As we recognize PTSD awareness month, we spoke with Darrell Pruden, former submariner, as he discusses his own experiences with the disorder, how he worked to deny himself the help he now knows he needed, the process of seeking help, and how it’s helped him no longer feel like a stranger in his own home.

Daryl was born in Evansville, Indiana to two wonderful parents that always have meant the world to him. He did okay growing up through school but that began to change once he reached college. As many of us can probably relate to, he didn’t really feel like he fit in anymore. That’s when he started drinking with a few of his friends. As the drinking increased, he decided to quit college and ended up joining the Navy.

He’s found his life to be much different since he returned to civilian life. Now, he sees himself as a bit of a recluse which is a far cry from his extroverted college days. But that could be because of a recent diagnosis that led him onto the show today, and it was all thanks to the love of his two children and the support of his wife that allowed him to find it.

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