Season 1,

Episode 9: Life is a Work in Progress

June 19, 2017

Ted Bauer

Ted is a freelance writer and marketer living in the DFW area. He’s originally from New York City, went to Georgetown, and has worked for Teach for America, ESPN, McKesson, PBS, and a number of other places — mostly as a copywriter, but sometimes in other marketing roles. He has a daily blog called The Context of Things that, like this podcast to date, has an impressively low-average following. But, low followings don’t mean low impact, and Ted joined us this week to try and help drive impact in our cause.

In this week’s episode we touch on issues related to depression, stigma within the family and, at times, your doctor’s office, the bizarreness of the human mind and how sometimes forgiving yourself can be the hardest thing, and the best thing, you can ever do.

You can learn more about Ted at his blog The Context of Things, or find him on either Twitter and LinkedIn. Click here for more episodes or to learn more about the show.



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