Episode 26: Gender Dysphoria

June 04, 2018

Jenn Doe

To kick off Pride Month 2018, Jenn, a transgender woman, discusses her battle with something called gender dysphoria on our podcast, and, in doing so, is introducing herself to the world.

Jenn grew up knowing who she was for most of her life, but was ashamed of the person she knew she was meant to be. Instead, she thought she could choose to ignore that person. After living through al lifetime of shame, depression, self loathing, and suicidal ideation, she finally came to a realization that changed her life forever. Being transgender isn’t a choice. It’s something you are, and there is never anything to be ashamed of in that.

Throughout the episode, Jenn and I discuss the impact gender dysphoria has had on her mental health, as well as the important distinction between what was once known as gender identify disorder and gender dysphoria. She ends the episode by saying hello to the world.



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