Season 2,

Episode 27: Anxiety and Depression

June 11, 2018

Emily Kelley Kunin

In week two of our content special during Pride Month, Emily and I discuss her dealings with depression and anxiety, coming out with regards to bisexuality, and, in the wake of last week’s celebrity suicides, why it can be so difficult to ask for help when you need it.

If we’re willing to be honest with each other, it’s quite likely that Emily is one of the coolest people I know. She’s an award-winning writer who currently develops mobile games for both the iOS and Android platforms. She’s been working in gaming for three years, and has been writing for ten. Thanks to her variety of interests and backgrounds, she’s comfortable crafting branded content across a multitude of platforms for both internal and customer facing platforms, including places like the the Geekie Award-winning Wrong Button Blog which she co founded, and as the host of the Fan Theories and Wednesday in Westeros podcasts.

In the episode, we also discuss the importance of self care, however it works for you. For Emily, care was found in words from another time and place, known by millions around the world to be that of Hogwarts. We spend time discussing how her passions for all things Harry Potter, her personal love of writing, and a fascination with Helena Bertinelli helped her get through some of her darkest times.

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