Season 1,

Episode 12: Being Better Off

July 10, 2017

Bree Palmer

Bree Palmer identifies herself as a social media chick. She’s an interior decorator in Ottawa, Canada and is currently writing a blog all about Amazing Humans in this world. The amazing Human Series highlights inspiring humans who are not well known but are impressive or amazing in her eyes.

Her personal mental health story began at the age of sixteen when her father took his own life. This launched her into learning about depression and mental health. It also lead her down the path toward advocacy on the topic. Bree volunteers with mental health organizations in Ottawa and uses her social media presence to educate, inspire and advocate for those who suffer from mental health illnesses.

In this week’s episode, I sit down to talk with her. We discuss suicide, depression, personal value, the importance of finding the correct doctor, social media and mental health, and we soapbox for a few minutes on who is properly qualified to diagnose a person with an illness.

You can learn more about Bree at her Amazing Humans blog or by following along with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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