The Game is Over. I, Win.

Without the right frame of mind, a disability can be debilitating. On any given day I could find myself struggling to cope with what I face as someone with Cerebral Palsy. And, on any given day, I, like many others who are forced to manage physical disabilities, could fall victim to more than the physical.  I understand that I’m two minutes away on any day from losing myself in a pit of self doubt, swallowed by a pool of depression, and unsure if I could ever make my way out.

Luckily, to date, that hasn’t been my case. But, as someone who has met with and spoken with a number of people from around the world who are forced, often unexpectedly, to cope with new difficult challenges, I know it very easily could be. I’ve seen the truth that mental health is a major part of the overall wellness landscape. If someone is unable to answer questions bout their own physical disability, then how can they have fabulous mental health?

My hope is that by being a part of this conversation I can add a new component to a platform I believe wholeheartedly in. Only through personal acceptance and self understanding can we make the kind of progress that you, I, and everyone really needs. The kind that will help #EndTheStigma. If you’d like to learn more about me and my other projects, like my book or podcasting, feel free to visit my personal website, otherwise I look forward to getting to know all of you with each new episode that goes live.


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